The Archive Complex
Tourism and War and the Problem with the Archive as an Institution
The Terror Complex
Watching Propaganda
Terror Still Lifes
100 Dead Men
Angry Men
Role Models
Poor Man's Cruise Missile
Where does one learn how to film an execution? And who decides if it looks right?
Hide and Seek
A Study of Islamist Brotherly Love
A Study of Islamist Beards
A Study of Islamist Fingers
A Study of Islamist Knifes
Last Frame Before the Blast
The Slaughter will be Televised
A very brief Study on the State of Aniconism in Radical Islam
50 Stripes
The Cubs
Recording Murder
The Perception Complex
Minefield Warning Tape Garland
Murder Weapons
The Surveillance Complex
Images From the Czechoslovak Secret Police
Images From the Secret Stasi Archives
The Fourteen Least Important Images in the Cold War History of West Germany’s BND Secret Service
The Media Complex
Posing with Corpses
Children Draw Images of War
GoPro Saints
Reporting the Pain of Others
30 Jesuses
30 Antichrists
Spies, Serial Killers & Terrorists
Images of Happy People
43 Unverified Videos
Other Projects
Some Images of Graves of Jews named Adolf
The Island of Israel
(bad) Neighbors
1280 Heroic Acts
Symmetric Warfare
The Flock
Do Not ...
Exhibtion Documentation and Archived Stuff & Creative Commons Material
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